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Hi, I am Jeremy... I am not a chef and never went to culinary school, but I love being in the kitchen and trying new things. Hopefully, I can inspire you to enjoy trying some new recipes and enjoy your own kitchen. One of my first jobs was at Steak & Ale in Ft. Worth and I did every thing from prep to wait tables and as a cook in the kitchen. I always preferred to be on the line. I don't know how many plates I served in the U.S. Navy when I was on on deployment, but it was a lot! My Maw Maw is the one that really taught me to cook though... and the most important part was to cook to taste and don't rely on recipes. I will look at recipes for inspiration, but I don't like rules so I never follow them...I just try to create something unique and tasty. 

I live in Canyon Lake, TX , which is an incredible area with my wife and daughter. I own Hill Country Realty Group and really enjoy selling real estate between here and Austin & San Antonio. There are only a handful of restaurants in Canyon Lake, so it's a good reason to become better in the kitchen. My 20 year daughter, Alivia, has multiple health issues that she was born with, so we never really get many chances to go out to eat together as a family so I guess I have just self taught myself in the kitchen over the last 20 years so we can still enjoy good food and the process of making it over the top good. I have burned a lot of food by trail and error and I still do, but my motivation is because it is challenging and it is never the same. I have recently really dove into photography with a full frame camera and dork out cooking and then photographing my dishes so many friends suggested I do a blog, which is a lot cheaper than a restaurant, ha!

In the picture above, my niece, Madeline recently challenged my skills with a Mongolian Chicken request. I had to look up what it was but we ended up cooking it together just a few weeks back and we had a blast. Cooking should be fun, it should be challenging, but it is also all about family and from love...

I hope you enjoy this blog and that I can inspire you!

My Specialties

Smoked Salmon with Ravioli and a lemon basil cream sauce

I guess my specialty is being diverse because I will do Italian, Tex Mex, American, Asian as well as smoked meats, BBQ, seafood and maybe some unlikely mixes to make it fun. I do like spicy, so if you are not a fan just remove the chilies in my recipes and still enjoy!

This Blog

Skillet Seared Filet with blue cheese

I will try and update at least weekly with new recipes or ideas. Follow me on Facebook to get updates and the latest blogs. - Jeremy Switt